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Model Horses

Model Horse Social

Model Horse Social is your community of like-minded model horse collectors sharing knowledge, experience and ideas.

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We currently have five venues that together form the model horse community.

Model Horse Social Venue

This is the social media venue where the community comes together to interact in conversation, share ideas, content, photos, videos and links.

Groups Venue

The groups venue is for communicating shared interests with others. Form your own group or participate in an existing group.

Shows & Events Venue

Easily find and list upcoming live shows and other events in this venue. Post class lists, entry forms, show results, contact information, etc.

Model Registry Venue

Keep track of your model collection in this registry venue. Track the sculptors, painters, show placings, owner transfers, etc.

Horse Trading Venue

Find your perfect model in the e-commerce venue for all things model horses. Buy or sell with
"1-Click" listing from the registry!

ModelHorses.com Backstory

The website, ModelHorses.com was the sales venue of Stuart & Arlene Bentley of "Bentley Sales Company" where they were the largest Breyer dealer in the world. After their retirement, they sold the ModelHorses.com domain name to create a social venue for model horse collectors. The goal was to have a centralized model horse website where artists/collectors could share their knowledge, experience, and exchange ideas. It is designed to focus on selling and trading models, interacting in social groups, showing collections in galleries, and having lots of fun. This website continues Bentley's work as the essential venue for the model horse community.

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