We are in Beta. If you discover a bug or need help finding your way around please Contact us.

The Model Horse Registry - We are almost ready...

Design 100%
Content 90%
Frontend 95%
Backend 90%

We are making it easy to organize your model collection. Once a model is entered into the real time registry database, you can set the Privacy option to “Private” or “Public”. The default Privacy setting is “Private,” and your information is hidden. If set to “Public,” others in the hobby will be able to search the database. Example: “Peter Stone Arab” will list all of these models along with a thumbnail photo. Models in the registry with the “asking price” or “make offer” will show first. 

Since all model owners and people searching the database are Anonymous, you can contact one another through the registry. It is up to you to divulge your contact information to the other party. Your identity is always hidden, even if you set Privacy to Public. 

When you sell or trade your model, be sure to fill out the transfer form. This allows the new owner to keep track of the ownership history.


Global Model Horse Registry (GMHR)

Begin Here
This is the starting point where you as a model horse collector can enter your models and realize the benefits of being registered. As a manufacturer, sculptor or customizer, you can register a manufacturing run, edition or a one of a kind model into the registry.

Register My Model
This is for the model horse collector to register their individual model horses. An example would be an OF Peter Stone or Breyer, an OF that has been repainted. An unpainted or painted resin is another example. Even simple and drastic customs are examples. Original sculptures, OOAK, and entire editions can be registered here.

Easy To Use
The registry uses an intuitive form, so it’s easy and fast to get your model in the registry database. Lets begin!

Registry Form - BETA

This is where you can edit your model information.

This includes photos of the awards like nan cards and ribbons.

Select your model and list it for sale. Information will appear on the sales page.

Search results of the registry will show a link to the sales page if the model is for sale.

If a model that is Not blocked and Not for sale and a person searching the registry finds your model, they can make offers directly to you. Both the Offeror and Offeree remain anonymous, unless they agree to disclose their identity.

You can also share your listing on social media.

I sold my model, now I need to transfer ownership and give the new owner exclusive rights to update, add show results, and sell the model. The seller releases all rights to the model and the ability the make any changed in information about the model.